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Interavia Spares & Services Inc offers a complete Consignment and Sale Agreement service for individual spare parts or entire inventories, including engines and engine parts for JT8D-9, -15 , -17 and -200.

IS&S offers a complete package to open market your inventory of "as removed" parts, or engines in as removed or OHC condition.

This marketing package also includes permanent advertising on several major web sites such as ILS, PartsBase, Parts Logistics, DataAccess, Starter Generator, Aviaccess and also on our own permanent website at All is totally free of charge.

All parts can be stored, free of charge, in our expanded, completely structured and tagged warehouse. Our unique form of Consignment is based on a formula of 70/30 - where the owner of the parts retains 70% of the sale value after the parts are delivered and paid for.

Our Accounting firm is: Milbery & Kesselman CPA's, P.A. in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Their email is and can be contacted with any questions.

For the servicing and support of a large number of customers, such as Commercial Airlines, 145 Repair Stations and after-market suppliers, IS&S offers :

maintenance support

parts replacement

engine parts replacement

inventory management services

same day parts shipment service on AOG calls (FedEx, UPS, DHL, Special Courier Service)

IS&S 's Quality Assurance program has been certified by TAC-2000 as meeting both the ASA-100 Quality Standard as well as the requirements of FAA Advisory Circular 00-56.

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